These 16 People Are Having The Sunday Blues Worst Than You Are Right Now

Sunday blues are the worst. Sunday depression comes when the weekend is almost over, and it pops in your head on Sunday night “crap, I have to wake up for work tomorrow!” Then your ground hog life cycle begins until it starts all over again for Friday comes rushing back around. Then to do the same cycle all over again. But these people I bet have it worst than you do. We guarantee that when they crawled out of bed this morning, they had no idea what was in store for them on a Sunday.

1. Good morning Miss Sunshine it is time to wake up.

2. I think we have a spill on aisle number 4…

3. Awesome…I get off of work in about two minutes. Hooray!

4. I am getting a little head rush at this very moment.

5. Oh [email protected]*t, I think I forgot something.

6. I knew I should have skipped out on dessert. Damn it!!!

7. I wanna kill somebody right about now.

8. Daddy, wake the heck up it’s Sunday and I am ready to play.

9. I swear I didn’t try to do this on purpose. 🙂

10. I just have to put one more chair in this dang truck and we are all done.

11. Ouch, I hope this wasn’t cow boo boo.

12. Do you remember playing the game “Dominoes?”

13. I guess that Sunday barbecue is not going to happen now.

14. Have you ever been punched in the mouth by a recliner chair before?

15. Excuse me sir, can you give me a hand.

16. The fireman is having a much better Sunday night now that this occurred.

Via:hilarious gifs and distractify
We all have bad days and some worse than others, but always try to remember you could be having a whole lot worse day then your having right now. Today, be thankful you are not one of these people.


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