These 20 Beach Fails Will Have Your Stomach In Knots…Especially #11

It’s summertime and the weather is heating up all over the world, so lets all gather up our best bathing suits we have laying around the house. Or in fact, lets go shopping for an even better looking swimsuit so we can show off our perfect figure to this beach goers. These beach fails will have you definitely second guessing the next time you pick out your swimming suit before heading to the beach or pool. Wow!!!
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worst bathing suit
1) Men wearing speedos on the beach is one thing, but this is a little bit extreme would’t you say. Thank goodness we don’t have a pic from the back end.

2) If you are looking for something to be epic, then wear something like this! A bikini top made with two hands.
worst bikini top

3) I understand being creative but this is damn near ridiculous!!! The first word comes to my mind is “ghetto fabulous!” Do they even make cd’s anymore in the era we are living in??? LOL.
ghetto beach fail

4) Ouch!!!

5) Honestly, what the heck is this? But if she feels good in it, then go ahead and wear it out of style, grandma!!!
beach fail

6) Seriously? I never seen a shark outfit like this before…Looks like this was obviously hand-made.
shark bikini

7) Okay, someone needs to tell this nice lady at least something. I’m not sure this style of bikini will be excepted on the west side of the hemisphere, if you know what I mean. You go girl!
worst bathing suit

8) American comedian Zach Galifianakis getting sexy for vanity fair magazine.
Zach Galifianakis bikini

9) Oh my gosh!!! Brotha man this has to please stop…Hilarious!

10) Cannonballll!!!

11) I hope you know these guys are totally serious…

12) The backpack doesn’t go with your outfit man.

13) There is a very good chance this old fella is drinking a beer and if he isn’t will someone please get me a cold one.
epic beach fail

14) I have nothing to say about this one..

15) Is this the mad scientist on the “back to the future” movie with Michael J. Fox?

Top five examples of the WORST beach fails ever.

These epic beach fails will do one of two things to you, make sure you pick out the correct swimsuit before heading to the beach or you just decided you are never going to the beach ever again after seeing these funny pictures.


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