See What This Gorgeous Girl Did On MTV’s Show Ridiculousness

Have you ever wondered who is the girl on ridiculousness cast? Rob Dyrdek’s girlfriend or sidekick? Her name is Chelsea “Chanel” Dudley better known as her stage name Chanel West Coast, who is an actress, rapper, model and t.v personality. Chanel West Coast has an estimated net worth of $200,000 despite her past financial issues. The 25 year old is most known for her roles in Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and MTV’s show Ridiculousness. She is also known for these amazing sexy pics. Take a look.
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How old is Chanel West Coast? Chanel is currently 26-years old born September 1st, 1988 in Los Angeles, California where she split time living with her mom and her dad in the New York area.
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In 2009 she got signed to Young Money and started her rapping career.

In 2008, Chanel was introduced to television personality Rob Dyrdek where they became mutual friends. Later on she became a regular on the MTV Show “Ridiculousness.”

Chanel West Coast is definitely best known for her sexy legs on the MTV reality show.
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The female rapper normally seems so shy and reserved, but some say there is a wild side to Chanel. Recently before her album release topless pics were released. See for yourself.

Chanel’s father was a DJ in New York City where he use to take her with to his nightclub gigs. I guess you can say this is where she found her knack for her musical skills. She began to take dance and singing lessons as years went on. Also performing in Marvin Gaye’s Hollywood Hills studio.

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In 2012, rapping sensation Lil Wayne signed West Coast to his label Young Money Entertainment. She released her first mix tape in 2013, where it fettered top artists such as Snoop Dogg, Robin Thicke and French Montana. During that time she released a music video “Been On” featuring French Montana.

Chanel West Coast filed for bankruptcy in multiple occasions. She first filed in 2012 and later in 2014. She also has a dog she name “Weezy” which is Lil Wayne’s name he is most known for.

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So if it happened to be one of those boring nights catching yourself doing the same routine of flipping through a series of channels just to find something worth watching on television. Then you happen to come across a t.v station where a beautiful girl is the only reason you decided to stay on that channel. Well, this must be the reason why you are on this site right now because you had to find out who that sexy little blonde headed girl was wearing those short shorts on a show in any other case would never even give the time of day to watch if it weren’t for the hot gorgeous girl on MTV’s Rob Dyrdek show. Until next time fellas!!!

Chanel throws epic tantrum at Coachella after she is denied in the V.I.P area.

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