3-Year Old Boy Argues With Mom. What Would You Do?

3-Year old boy named Mateo likes to argue with his mother a lot. This is a great Positive Parenting video that teaches us parents how to be patient. Unless he is a boy who is driven in not stopping until he gets what he wants. As of today this video has more than 14 million hits. Mateo and his mother have lately appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show as well. Ellen posted this on her facebook page and ordered that she wanted this boy to come to the show immediately.

The mother of Mateo says, “he must argue and debate about everything!” She is definitely right. There in no stopping mateo from trying to convince his mom in giving him cupcakes. He calls her by her first name “Linda” and it is hilarious. The mother taught him how to use her first name for emergency purposes only. I guess in his eyes this was an emergency. Look and see


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If you are a parent you would understand what this mother goes through. Especially with stubborn kids. This is the most patient positive parenting moment you can embrace.

Boy Argues With Mom


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