Mother Teaches Child How To Steal Alcohol In Store

In Pembroke Park, Florida mother teaches her 5-Year-Old daughter how to steal alcohol in a grocery store is what our society has come to. The young girl is shown shoplifting an alcohol bottle on the store’s surveillance camera. This is what the world has come to teaching our next generation to get things the easy way by teaching her child the art of shoplifting. The mother and daughter can be seen going into the store together and browsing the shelves while mother is scanning the alcohol aisle telling her daughter which liquor she prefers to be stolen. Within moments the young buck grabs a large bottle of tequila, then comes back to replace it for a smaller one because she decides it was too heavy for her to carry. At the end of the video the girl can be seen edging out walking backwards out of the store’s exit door. Just like a smooth criminal! Just remember, it’s not her fault for being brainwash into generations of living a life in which they are accustomed to.

Via: Viral Videos123


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