The Rogue One Cast Is Here to Answer Your Burning Questions

With less than 24 hours before the newest Star Wars movie hits theaters, it’s no surprise that online interest in Rogue One is spiking. It’s also no surprise that people are curious about the film’s cast, which includes Oscar nominees (and winners!), critically lauded TV performers, cult comedy heroes, and action-movie badasses. So when six of the movie’s stars dropped by the WIRED office, we thought it was our duty to get answers to the most common of those questions, courtesy of Google Autocomplete. And in the process, we learned more. So, so much more. We got a glimpse of Riz Ahmed’s existential angst; we found out where Donnie Yen’s secret tattoo was; we finally cleared up whether Felicity Jones was a nudist, a snowboarder, or a snowboarding nudist. We still don’t know where Ben Mendelsohn parked the Death Star, but we did end feeling that we knew our four friends–as well as Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk–just a little bit better than we did before.


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